Winlock is one of the UK’s leading window handle manufacturers.  As well as producing high volumes of standard product its high quality technical resource can tailor product to specific customer needs.

Retaining full design and development control over its own factories, allows Winlock to provide an excellent level of service to its customers.   Our stringent in-house testing ensures products are fit for purpose.

If you have specific requirements please contact our technical team who will do their best to support you.

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Danny Stobson - Technical Manager   
CE Marking:
ISO:9001:2008 Quality Assuracne CertificateHow Does it Affect Me?
ISO:9001:2008 Quality Assuracne CertificateReach Statement
EU Declaration of Conformity
Declaration of Performance

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ISO:9001:2008 Quality Assuracne Certificate ISO:9001:2008 Quality Assurance Management Certificate 

ISO:9001:2008 Quality Assuracne CertificateBoa Restrictor Test Summary

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Winlock offer a 15 year mechanical, 10 year finish guarantee on all UK manufactured internal window handles.


Winlock Product Care and Maintenance Winlock Product Care and Maintenance 

Operating Instructions:

Boa Restrictor Fitting Instructions Boa Restrictor Fitting Instructions 

Cylinder Guard Fitting Instructions
Nexus Door Hinge Fitting Instructions
Security Cowl Fitting Instructions Security Cowl Fitting Instructions
 SAC Bolt & Keep Fitting Instructions
Easyfit Repair Handle Fitting Instructions                                          

Product Identification:                                                                    

 Kenrick Door Lock                                    

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